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The Mayan Wisdom Project

TimeSync Maya

TimeSync Maya

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Introducing a digital integration tool that seamlessly merges the ancient wisdom of the Maya calendar with the convenience of your personal Google Calendar.

Unleash the power of timekeeping with one of the most accurate calendars ever invented all within the familiar interface of your daily schedule.

This is a digital product that will be emailed to you with installation instructions upon purchase. 

Experience the power of Ancient Timekeeping


Transform your daily planning into a cultural exploration and celebrate the richness of the Maya calendar within the framework of your Google Calendar.

Unlock power of the 20 energies and their trecenas, providing a unique perspective on time that goes beyond the conventional Gregorian system.

Gain a deeper understanding of each energy and receive insightful information about significant dates that are important to you.

This wonderful tool will give you access to the richness of this ancient calendar and the potent wisdom associated with each day.


This Calendar integrates seamlessly with your Google Calendar or default desktop calendar (iCal, Outlook).

Upon purchase you will receive an email with installation instructions.