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The Mayan Wisdom Project

Chile Chocolate & Chile Cobanero

Chile Chocolate & Chile Cobanero

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Explore the exceptional health benefits of incorparating chile into your cacao ritual or meal with our Chile Chocolate & Chile Cobanero!

Organic & hand-roasted from Guatemala

Package size: 28g (1oz)

Only available in the US for now

Chile to heal your body

Chile holds a significant cultural and culinary value for the Maya civilization, and has been deeply integrated into their ancestral milpa system for millennia. Chile is not only loved for its delicious strong flavor, but also for its ability to enhance the absorption of specific nutrients.

Chile has long been used as a medicinal plant. The Ajq'ijab, or Maya spiritual guides, recommend consuming chile to prevent future illnesses caused by disharmony with one's environment or to guard against potential negative energy.

Chile to awaken your spirit

In a spiritual sense, chile has the power to activate and energize you. Throughout ancient times, cacao recipes with chiles have been used to seek this activation.

The Maya incorporate chile into their daily routine, specifically suggesting the use of Chile Cobanero for Kan days and Chile Chocolate for Aj days when preparing cacao (see recipe below).

Both Aj and Kan energies are potent, and the chile plays a vital role in facilitating the elimination of toxins through sweat—a practice deeply embedded in Maya culture and traditions.

But they can be enjoyed whenever you are in need of an extra kick to elevate your cacao experience or enhance your food.

Cacao & Chile Recipe for activation

Enjoy this delicious recipe whenever you are in need of an energy boost. We recommend using Chile Chocolate during Aj days and Chile Cobanero to connect with Kan Energy. From the fruity and smoky chile Cobanero to the intense and robust chile Chocolate, each variety offers a unique experience. 

1. To prepare your ceremonial cacao, place a piece into your cup and add double the amount of hot water. Stir well until the cacao is completely dissolved.

2. Add chile to taste, and then fill the rest of your cup with hot water. Stir well using a wooden molinillo to ensure the chile is well integrated into the cacao.

If you enjoy this ancestral recipe, join our free Cacao Challenge at the end of June for more recipes to deepen our connection with the 20 Mayan energies!