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The Mayan Wisdom Project

Mayan Altar Weaving

Mayan Altar Weaving

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Authentic Mayan Weaving

Traditional handwoven cloth from Guatemala serves as the perfect base cloth for your altar. It was crafted by the skilled hands of Maya weavers Blanca and Gloria from San Antonio, a small town near Antigua. 

Because they are entirely handmade, each fabric and weaving takes about 3 weeks to complete and demands a significant amount of labor.

Made of 100% cotton

Washing instructions: This cloth must be washed separately as its base is black, which may stain other clothing. To preserve the colors longer, dry-clean. Alternatively, hand wash with cold water and do not bleach. 

It is only available in the US for now!

HANDMADE Mayan weaving art preserved through the years

The ancient Maya were highly knowledgeable and gifted individuals who understood the importance of art as a source of spirituality, self-expression, and healing. Their weaving and clothing were considered to be among the most beautiful art forms.

A popular misconception is that the Spaniards introduced this clothing to America to standardize it, but this is not true. In fact, if we take the time to learn about the oral tradition and the various materials accessible, we can see that they originated from the Maya. Spanish texts by de Landa or Torres, Spanish colonizers, even emphasize the beauty of Maya apparel and the laborious process involved in creating it.

Preserve & Cherish this ancestral Art Form

The weaving and attire of the Maya contain the wisdom and stories of their towns and community. It is not simply clothing to cover themselves, but it carries a wealth of stories, and every stitch is handmade with intention. Unfortunately, this tradition is being lost due to racism, modernization, and a lack of economic security.

They start with raw cotton and remove the seeds before flattening it to make a thread. It takes around four days to manufacture half a pound of thread. Each thread is then colored using organic materials from nature. After that, they spend hours counting threads and sorting strings. Then, using a backstrap loom, they will spend months weaving a stunning piece.

Preserving and Upholding Mayan Traditions SO THEY DON'T Disappear

Those weavings are unique because they are completely handmade. Supporting the weavers of Guatemala is important because this art form is currently at risk of being lost, as people are less inclined to purchase them due to the prevalence of fast fashion and other cheaper options. Maya weavings hold a powerful message within them, making them a significant part of altar bases.