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The Mayan Wisdom Project

Recycled Handwoven Bag

Recycled Handwoven Bag

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Authentic Mayan Weaving

Our Recycled Handwoven Bags are lovingly handmade by Blanca and her family in San Antonio, Guatemala, from recycled Mayan skirts (cortes).

Please note that each bag is a unique handmade product, so slight variations are to be expected.

Cold water wash. No bleach. Low-temperature iron. 40 cm x 39 cm. 4 oz. 100% cotton.

Only available in the US for now!

Celebrating Craftsmanship and Legacy

The vibrant colors of our handwoven bags will transport you directly into a bustling Mayan market!

These Handwoven Bags are crafted from recycled traditional “cortes” (traditional skirts), making each one unique and promoting sustainable practices. They are perfect for carrying your shopping, your laptop, or as a stylish handbag. Blanca and her family handmade them in a small town close to Antigua, Guatemala. 

Each bag, handwoven by Mayan artisans, is a testament to the ancient art of weaving and a reflection of the Mayan's rich cultural heritage. By choosing our Handwoven Bags, you support preserving Mayan culture and sustainable practices. It's important to honor the effort and history behind each piece by supporting this meaningful tradition in every way we can. 

The Art and Tradition of Weaving

The art of weaving, known as "kem," holds great significance in the Mayan world and is a deeply revered tradition.

It serves as a reflection of history and encapsulates the Mayan worldview. Today, weaving is upheld as a symbol of patience and precision, carefully preserved by the women of the community. A single Mayan blouse, or "huipil," can take up to four months to craft and is intended to endure through a lifetime. Each garment narrates the stories of the land, life, and sacred traditions of the diverse Mayan groups. Their clothing beautifully encompasses the symbolism of animals, corn, spiritual practices, and sacred elements.

Supporting Cultural Preservation & Indigenous Families

Sadly, traditional Mayan clothing has faced a decline due to discrimination and racism toward the indigenous community. This has resulted in fewer opportunities for those who wear it, making it rare to find men in Guatemala still donning traditional attire.

Mayan clothing embodies thousands of years of ancestry, science, and spirituality. By purchasing these handwoven bags, you are helping to preserve this rich cultural heritage and combat the loss of these important traditions.When you buy from our shop, you acquire unique and culturally significant products and directly support the artisans and their families who make them.

Your support ensures the preservation and continuation of their invaluable cultural heritage.