Why we should stop using the term "cacao ceremony"

Why we should stop using the term "cacao ceremony"

Cacao ceremonies are NOT a part of ancestral Maya tradition.

Even if cacao has been considered sacred since ancient times, it is important to note that there was no such thing as a cacao ceremony. The reality is that this is a modern-day practice that can be very healing for many people, however, it is important to note that the traditional approach did not involve any such ceremony.

Cacao has the potential to heal, connect and open our hearts to our true essence. It is beneficial for everyone to have a practice involving cacao. However, many people conduct cacao ceremonies without acknowledging or learning from the Maya. The Maya have spent years studying before holding space for a spiritual practice and possess the true wisdom of cacao. Some people also mix cacao's wisdom with other ancestral lineages without making a clear separation, which dilutes its power.

It is very beneficial to incorporate cacao into our daily routine, but it is important to acknowledge certain key factors. The most crucial aspect is to respect those who hold the wisdom and knowledge of the cacao tradition, as they have inherited it. To establish a proper practice with cacao, it is essential to trace its origins and understand its roots.


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