Trecena of Toj: the importance of gratitude

Trecena of Toj: the importance of gratitude

Today We Begin the 13 Day Cycle of Toj 

What is trecena?

The Maya are known to be guardians of time, for them it was essential to keep a count of the years to come as well as the ones that had passed. As a result, they created numerous calendars, each with a different purpose. Their calendars are used to keep track not only of the passage of time, but also the energies present in each day. The Cholq'ij calendar is one of the most important; it is the calendar of humans, and it measures the energies that influence us each day. It is composed of 20 different energies, known as Ch’umilab’, each with 13 manifestations. This means that the Cholq'ij is 260 days, as when you multiply 20 by 13 it gives 260. This calendar is divided by what we call trecenas, which are 13 day cycles, in total there are 20 of them in a Cholq’ij year. A trecena starts when the count of the 13 numerals begins, which means whenever an energy has the number 1 at its side. It comes to an end whenever an energy has the number 13 on its side.


Toj represents Father Sun and his earthly manifestation, Tojil, the ceremonial fire. It represents payment, the law of cause and effect, and teaches us that what we send out into the universe will come back our own way. So, if we want love and abundance to come to us, we must share our love and abundance with the energies around us as well. This is an excellent time to express gratitude and make an offering to Mother Earth, the Creator and Maker, the Heart of the Sky, the Heart of the Earth, each of the 20 Ch'umilab', and all of the guides in our lives. This can assist us in reintegrating all of the positive and negative things that we have done in our lives, as well as giving back to the energies for both the benefits and the trials that they have placed in our paths.

Toj also symbolizes the strength of B'alam Ki'tze', who brought a new dawn for humanity by making a sacred Tojil for our Creator. This implies that Toj is a force capable of bringing light into our lives. Through the fire, we can communicate directly with the energies as well as our elders and guides, thanking them for all they have done for us. Throughout this trecena I invite you to light a candle each day focusing on one specific thing that you are grateful for, open a dialogue with the energies of creation and with yourself. This payment will not only help you balance your energy but also discuss with the elders anything that you want them to help you heal, as through doctor fire miracles can happen. This can support us in reconciling with life and hope.

I also encourage you to perform acts of kindness during this trecena. Volunteering, lending an ear to someone who needs to talk, complimenting someone, donating things you don't use, picking up litter on nature walks, purchasing a meal for a street dog, surprising a family or friend with a small but thoughtful gift, or anything else that resonates with you. But don't forget to also be gentle with yourself with some acts of love and gratitude by nourishing your body, spending time with Mother Earth, revisiting an old passion, or doing anything that makes you feel cherished. This is a beautiful trecena full of gratefulness, humbleness, and kindness, let us connect and vibrate in this energy!

Written by Eline, the Mayan Wisdom Project


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