The essence of fire in Mayan tradition

The essence of fire in Mayan tradition

Fire is a primal element and one of nature's most powerful energies. This element has been with us for millions of years, being born with the creation of life on our planet. It is the one from the east, and our ancestors have honored and venerated it for millennia.

The teachings fire brings to our world

There is a reason why it has been revered for so long. This is an element that brings so many teachings to our world and has so much to give. To begin talking about this element, it is essential to address that, just like everything in this world, it carries duality. It has two very powerful sides to it. It first possesses the ability to destroy, as it is powerful enough to take away everything you value in a matter of seconds, and as a result, many people associate it with negative things. However, remember that this is not the sole aspect of fire, yet it is essential to life.

In the midst of disaster, we have the ability to sprout again, allowing for renewal. One very visible example is a forest fire, where everything appears scorched and destroyed at first, but the earth gradually regenerates itself; with this newfound space for growth and nutrients in the soil, seeds can germinate, and the forest slowly but steadily begins to grow again. Our Mother Nature understands this, which is why they occur periodically, but we have lost respect for much of what makes up our planet, and we are now responsible for 85% of forest fires, many of which have burnt for far longer than nature has called for.

Fire to transform and transmute

This is not the only teaching that this element has come to offer to our world. It is fire that sparks life, that gives warmth. Our elders say it that life begins in the east, it is where the sun rises, which gives us vitality. This element sparks emotions in us, it gives us passion, drive, and energy. It is even said that this warmth that arises with fire can help us become empathetic and loving. 

People have gathered around the fire for millennia to chat, converse, and tell stories. In the original Maya nations, they would gather around the fire to conduct important conversations. The essential thing to know is that fire listens; it has memory; for this reason, when we connect to this element, we get the opportunity to connect to thousands of years of words, knowledge, and wisdom. Grandparents and grandchildren would sit around the fire to transmit their stories, the teachings of the oral tradition. Fire has been present in all of this, and it holds all these messages within itself. If we truly listen, we can hear these voices. For all of this, fire is the element of union.

When we speak around fire, this element elevates our message to the universe, allowing us to connect with the forces surrounding us as well as our creators. This is why Kotzij' is done with fire, since it connects and gives space to thankfulness. In this way it enables our relationship with the world's symbiosis, allowing us to pay back in gratitude for our lives. It also serves as a portal through which we can become one with the energies of the universe, converse with them, and even seek counsel.

In this way, fire can also help transform. It transmutes negative into positive, and can become our light in the darkness.

It appears to be a misunderstood element since many individuals perceive it negatively as a destroyer. Fire provides us with so much: life, warmth, light, unity, transmutation, elevation, gratitude, passion, love, empathy, and so many things. It was ancestrally put at the center of the home since it was seen as an essential part. Elders now say that we lost a part of ourselves when we put out the fire in the home.

In this time, let us reconnect with the essence of fire, bring it back into our homes, and allow it to bring warmth into our lives. This element has played an important role in our existence; it is a life-giving energy so powerful that communicating with it allows you to physically feel its strength. Let us all come together to recognize the value this element holds and once again express our appreciation and thanks to this vital force. Let us all connect with the heart of fire.


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