The Cycle of the Equinox

The Cycle of the Equinox

Its meaning for the Maya tradition

While the cosmos was still being sown, there was only darkness on our planet, and those who had already been formed had been compelled to meet this part of existence. That was until one ray of light shone through this darkness, bringing warmth and life with the first sunrise.

When we understand the ancestral notion that everything in this world is sacred, we realize that some of the greatest teachers are always around us; some have been present for millions of years, giving them plenty of time to reflect and discover themselves and the world, while others have existed since the dawn of time. Whether it is in a seed, a single drop of water, or a sunrise, there's always something to learn and a lesson to uncover. Today, as we approach the Equinox, light and darkness serve as valuable teachers. 

In ancestral times, the equinox was known to the Maya as Sukul Upam Ri Q'ij and it was a time of celebration. During the Solstices, we recognize and honor either light or darkness in itself, as one of these provides vitality to our planet, allowing us to be energetic or restful. The Equinox is significant because it represents a period of equilibrium in which night and day hold the same time in our daily cycles. Through this period, we see that both of these energies are essential to our environment, emphasizing the significance of balance. 

No one in this world should live only in light or darkness, since both energies promote healing and growth in their own unique ways. Light provides energy and vigor, while darkness promotes contemplation and rest. Today, when the equinox arrives, we appreciate and celebrate both of these energies, especially the balance they provide. 

Just as we are a reflection of the cosmos, now is the time to acknowledge the light and darkness inside ourselves, which is one of the Maya's most important lessons. Let us recognize both of them as significant aspects of ourselves that care for us and provide us with valuable learning opportunities. Let us recognize that we are both light and darkness, and take a minute to reflect on how, just as the Earth seeks balance between these two forces, we need to do the same. 

Today, we can step outdoors to watch the dawn or sunset, when both energies become visible in their dance of lights and shadows, and thank them for their contributions to our earth. Let us sit in silence, observing their movement in the sky, and direct our attention to them; perhaps we will be able to hear their soft whispers as they try to reach us in their teachings. 

By Eline from the Mayan Wisdom Project

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