From Ceremonial Cacao to the Mayan Wisdom Journey: a guide to elevate your Holiday Season

From Ceremonial Cacao to the Mayan Wisdom Journey: a guide to elevate your Holiday Season

Embark on a journey through the Mayan Market, where every product tells a story of indigenous craftsmanship and tradition. Our online shop proudly features an array of offerings, each crafted by over 20 Indigenous-owned businesses in Guatemala. From farmers to cacao producers, artisans, and Ajq’ijab’ (Maya Spiritual Leaders), our products embody the essence of indigenous communities. Beyond the tangible, our cacao-infused selection brings people together, opening hearts and fostering meaningful conversations.

  1. Fifth Element Original Cacao

Organic | 100% Handmade | Direct Trade | Bio-Diverse | Blessed by Mayan Spiritual Leaders  

ceremonial cacao

Immerse yourself in the sacred medicine of cacao with our original ceremonial blend, handcrafted with love in Paxil and Kayala', Guatemala. Endowed with powerful healing benefits, this ceremonial cacao activates and heals the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Blessed by Mayan spiritual leaders, it invites you to experience the heart-opening and spiritual connection powers of cacao.

  1. Jicaras - Traditional Mayan Cacao Drinking Cups

   Connected to Healing Purposes | 100% Natural | Hand-Painted

jicaras from Guatemala

 Choose from your favorite design in our Jicara collection, traditional Mayan cacao drinking cups. Sourced from Rabinal in Guatemala, these cups are 100% natural, dried, and hand-painted. Linked to healing purposes, drinking cacao from these Jicaras intensifies its effects, providing a deeper connection to ancient healing practices.

  1. Traditional Mayan Candles

   Used in Mayan Ceremonies and Rituals | 4 or 9 Colors Each with Healing Purposes


Illuminate your spiritual practices or cacao rituals with our traditional Mayan candles. Produced in Guatemala, each color holds a specific purpose, from abundance and healing to strength, light, and releasing negativity. These candles are used in Mayan ceremonies and invocations, bring an authentic touch to your rituals.

  1. Ceremonial Cacao Kit - Contains Cacao, Candles, & Jícara

   Experience Mayan Cacao in the Traditional Way

   Elevate your ceremonial experience with our all-inclusive kit. Receive 100% pure cacao paste made in Paxil and K'ayala', Guatemala, complemented by traditional Mayan candles and a Jicara. Crafted with love and blessed by indigenous spiritual leaders, this kit invites you to delve into ceremonial cacao's heart-opening and spiritual connection powers.

  1. Mayan Wisdom Journey - A Gift to Your Soul

    12-Month Online Program | Guided by Authentic Mayan Spiritual Leaders | Unlock Your Power & Purpose

As you navigate the Mayan Marketplace for meaningful gifts, consider gifting yourself the ultimate present—a transformative experience with our Mayan Wisdom Journey. This 12-month online program, starting January 7th, 2024, is a guided path toward restoring balance and unity within yourself and the world around you. Learn directly from 100% authentic Indigenous Mayan Spiritual leaders, unlocking your power and purpose through embodied action. Join us on this ancient framework laid out by the Maya, a journey that has the potential to heal not just one individual but the entire world. Invest in yourself and embark on self-discovery and growth in the coming year.


When you explore the Mayan Wisdom shop, you not only acquire exquisite products but also become a part of a greater story. Your purchase directly supports Indigenous communities, from farmers cultivating the land to artisans crafting traditional items. Mayan Wisdom Market is more than a shop; it celebrates heritage, unity, and the profound connections facilitated by cacao. Join us on this journey, and let every purchase be a step towards preserving indigenous wisdom and fostering meaningful conversations around the heart-opening powers of cacao.

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