Enhancing your spiritual journey: the importance of having a sacred container

Enhancing your spiritual journey: the importance of having a sacred container

The Mayan culture's cosmovision involves a deep respect for individuals, particularly elders, and a harmonious connection with others and nature. The practice of regular rituals, ceremonies, and gatherings in Mayan communities nurtures unity and a shared sense of purpose. In contrast, contemporary society often emphasizes individualism. Here's why returning to a sense of community and creating a sacred container can support your healing journey. 

The community at the heart of Mayan traditions

The Maya value community because they understand that when people work together, the influence they can have is far more significant. The ability to receive and give support from others is an essential practice because it creates a safe environment for development, healing, and living. These communities, through history, come together and become one in times of joy and sorrow. 

These principles guided us when creating the Mayan Wisdom Journeyas we aimed to provide you with a safe space to empower and connect around Mayan wisdom and traditions.

A support system

The intentions that we carry ourselves with are a significant component of existence in Maya nations; it is a driving force for the work that will be done. Elders have taught us that our intentions should be centered on our well-being, the well-being of those around us, and the well-being of the generations to come. They have walked the earth with the intention of caring for Mother Earth, their community, and future generations for at least 400 years. For this reason, while undertaking any spiritual task, we must have clear intentions that will take us to the white path of life. 

In our 1-year online Journey, the shared intention becomes a guiding force, creating synergy and propelling everyone toward personal and collective transformation. The commitment to maintaining the agreement is shared equally among all members, fostering confidence and courage. 

Having a spiritual container also facilitates profound self-discovery. The collective energy and shared experiences help uncover hidden aspects of the self, leading to unexpected insights and a deeper understanding of the self.

Commitment to the work

When surrounded by a supportive container, the commitment required for personal development extends beyond the individual, contributing to the group's collective energy. The communal energy acts as a powerful catalyst for individual growth, offering strength and encouragement. 

In our online spiritual programs and community, we can observe that participants dedicate themselves to the work, understanding that their efforts positively contribute to the shared experience and growth of the community. 


Consider creating your sacred container by connecting with friends who share similar goals. If you sometimes feel isolated and want to go deeper in your spiritual journey, try to join an online community such as our Mayan Wisdom Journey. Our year-long program provides a sacred and secure space for deep introspection, fostering connections, shared experiences, and exploration. In the true essence of Mayan traditions, members embark on a shared journey, supporting each other on their unique paths, delving into ancient wisdom, and integrating it into their daily lives.

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