Embark on a life-changing spiritual journey based on ancient Mayan Wisdom

Embark on a life-changing spiritual journey based on ancient Mayan Wisdom

When we started the Mayan Wisdom Project, we aimed to create a special space for individuals who share a passion for Mayan culture and a desire to grow together. Three years later, our vibrant community inspired us to craft the Mayan Wisdom Journey: a year-long online program for healing. The foundation of this journey rests upon the ancient Pyramid of Personal Development, which has united the Mayan civilization for millennia. This experiential program features a monthly curriculum, group integration Zoom Calls and ceremonial Kotzij’ to support your growth and healing.

The journey will start on January 7th, 2024; you can already sign up here.

Unveiling the Pyramid of Personal Development

Our program is inspired by the Pyramid of Personal Development, an ancient blueprint conceived by the Maya to help individuals reach their highest potential. The Journey begins with a deep dive into the rich history, culture and Mayan traditions. Month by month, you will ascend through the levels of the Pyramid of Development, exploring the following topics through monthly courses and exercises, profound conversations and spiritual practices:

- Food & Health:  ceremonial cacao, herbal medicine, diet etc…

- Education & Organization: the 20 Mayan energies, how to work with your personal energy, the Mayan Calendar etc…

- Spirituality & Philosophy: Mayan rituals, ceremonies (Kotzij’), meditations etc…

After one year, you will reach the top level of the pyramid known as “Spiritual Transcendence”. 

Empower your personal spiritual growth

kotzij' in Guatelama by spiritual elders

The Mayan Wisdom Journey is not just about theory; it's a path of spiritual action. In addition to sharing Mayan wisdom, we incorporate spiritual practices that you can easily engage in from the comfort of your home. Upon signing up, you will receive a welcome kit containing Ceremonial Cacao, Cacao tea, Jicara, Molinilla and candles, carefully designed to enhance your experience. You will for example learn how to create your personal altar and take part in sacred fire rituals. While we offer monthly quizzes to make learning more engaging and fun, It’s also important for us to give you some space to rest and integrate. Upon successful completion of this transformative year-long journey, you will receive a certificate of participation.

Here are some of the transformative practices you will engage in through our program:

  • Crafting your personalized sacred altar.
  • Mastering energy protection techniques.
  • Harnessing the power of ceremonial cacao for conflict resolution.
  • Participating in sacred fire rituals.
  • Exploring the art of house cleansing, and more.

The Power of Community to Heal

 The Mayan Wisdom Journey online spiritual ceremony

By joining the Journey, you will become part of a support group that you will connect and share with throughout the year. Together, you will experience a curated path including: profound life lessons shared by Mayan Elders, cacao ceremonies, spiritual practices and meditations and more.... Each month presents diverse courses and exercises, with a video time commitment of approximately 4 to 6 hours. Additionally, every three months, you will participate in a group live call. As a bonus, joining the Journey grants you complimentary access to two of our famous 20-Day Cacao Challenge experiences, held at various times throughout the year.

What to expect from the Journey

  •           Support your spiritual growth and the healing of your 4 bodies.
  •           Learn about Mayan culture and traditions directly from Mayan experts.
  •           Experience spiritual ceremonies (Kotzij’) guided by Mayan spiritual leaders.
  •           Connect with a supportive community of Mayan culture enthusiasts.
  •           Explore the world of ceremonial cacao.

    Learn and grow at your own pace with our flexible program, recorded content, time to integrate and monthly quizzes. The video time commitment is approximately 4-6 hours per month.

For who is the Journey?

The Mayan Wisdom Journey welcomes everybody, whether you have an established spiritual practice or are just beginning your path. It is designed for anyone who:

  • Feels lost in life and seeks direction.
  • Struggles to maintain self-care and a daily routine and can benefit from an accountability structure.
  • Experiences isolation and desires to be part of a supportive and uplifting community.
  • Aims to infuse more purpose and meaning into their life's journey.
  • Aspires to elevate their spirituality, regardless of their current level.
  • Is eager to explore new tools for living a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey or in life, the Mayan Wisdom Journey offers a transformative experience tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.


Intrigued by the Mayan Wisdom Project Journey?

For more information about the Journey, feel free to visit our dedicated FAQ section or to book a call with one of our team members to address any queries and discover if this transformative journey is the right path for you at this moment.

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