A guide to use Ceremonial cacao to enhance your spiritual journey

A guide to use Ceremonial cacao to enhance your spiritual journey

Cacao is a beautiful plant medicine with an abundance of beneficial properties. These benefits include better cardiovascular health and cognitive function, combating anxiety and depression, and being full of minerals and antioxidants. It has taken the world by storm with all of the health benefits it offers and the spiritual and emotional connection it cultivates among those who welcome her into their lives. The Mayab' nations have graciously shared the wisdom of cacao and the importance of using this gift of the Earth in a Kotzij'. The world has shown a great interest in learning the ways of a cacao Kotzij', but there are also other ways to work with ceremonial cacao.

Ceremonial cacao for conflict resolution

Since ancient times, Mayan cacao has been used for conflict resolution between nations, families, and even couples who disagree. This is because ceremonial cacao has the remarkable ability to connect a person with their heart, thus clearing the space for more productive and meaningful dialogue. To honor this, we can all prepare a delicious cup of cacao to connect with our hearts when we feel we are in a conflict within ourselves. This will clear space to find resolution within ourselves. If you are in conflict with a family member or significant other, you could take a pause to share some Ka'kaw and then have the discussion. You will find the outcome will be a more positive one. Cacao is a slow process that invites us to take our time, whether it is in the processing of the beans or the preparation of the beverage. She teaches us to take our time to connect with her, ourselves, and each other.

Cacao to increase your energy

There is another ancestral practice that has been used for conflict resolution called Pitz, more commonly known as the Mayan ballgame. This sport is still played and involves the unique element of cacao. The Mayan ballgame, or Pitz, requires a great amount of effort and exertion and players require sufficient energy to play the game. Cacao is consumed in a couple of ways to aid in the players' nutritional needs, such as cacao tea and cacao energy balls coated in amaranth, which is also an essential ancestral ingredient. This provides the nutrients, vitamins, stamina, and concentration that are needed. Cacao tea refreshes, cleanses, balances blood pressure, and revitalizes the body. Just like the players of Pitz, we can also receive the same benefits from cacao energy balls and refreshing cacao tea.

Cacao for beauty

The beneficial uses of cacao continue! Did you know that cacao is also great for your skin? It is great to consume and a wonderful moisturizer that protects against environmental pollutants and has anti-aging properties because it is full of antioxidants. Whenever you enjoy a cup of cacao, you can use some of the remaining cacao and massage it onto your skin or make  a special mask. You can also make a cacao hair rinse that will leave your hair feeling soft and protected from environmental stress. 

Cacao is a wonderful medicine that brings the softness and strength into our lives. It is the gentle strength of cacao that makes this medicine so incredible. Cacao shows us the subtleties of life that can make the most significant impacts, as well as versatility. She reminds us to tune in, slow down, connect, and protect. May you find connection, resolution, strength, and beauty daily. 

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